3 Levels fast Hero 1 Level Smart Hero

HP 32

Abilities Talents
  • Evasion
  • Uncanny Dodge 1
  • Linguist
  • Personal Firearms Proficiency
  • Advanced Firearms Proficiency
  • Double Tap
    Forgot the rest, wait for update

Real Name: Jace Tracon
Nickname and prefered code name: Tracks

Tracks was born in France in Le Mans but he grew up in Montreal Quebec, Canada. Speaking several languages well is something he has developed over time, but French is his mother tongue. He speaks English very well but with something of an accent.

Tracks was a troublesome student, showing very little interest in the common good from the youngest of ages. Tracks never outgrew his selfishness and grew into a petty criminal and small time gang leader in order to have things his own way. He is capable of following rules (To the letter if need be) but quickly tires of catering to others unless they are giving him something he wants.

What do you want? Is the answer that rules Tracks. The answer is nothing special just his own way… all the time. Tracks sees Money and Power as the quickest most sure ways of getting him this. After all with that he can find out anything he needs to find out, have any thing he needs to have.

When he hit 22 Montreal became too hot for him so he moved to the US. However he did not change his ways and this lead him into direct confrontation with the military and law enforcementin the US which is where he developed his rivalry and emnity with Character A.

However his life is geting increasingly risky and nhow the criminal underworld is noticing him as a rising power as well as law enforcement and both sides are bringing pressure on Tracks to give them what they want rather than allowing him to do as he wants.

Tracks has decided that joining a PMC such as the League of Freedom will allow him to rise in the ranks free of outside influence and intends to use this leverage to get the money and power he craves and finally cut loose and be whatever he chooses and go wherever he chooses. He toes the line but the league and anyone he has to work with there are simply a means to an end.

Tracks was noticed by a League recruiting officer when his name turned up in a military-security database. Tracks had been detected breaking into the secondary armory at AFB Malmstrom, although he had managed to escape before MPs were able to close. Impressed by his skill, and concerned lest he had discovered the background to Operation WHIRLYBIRD at Malmstrom, Tracks was approached by a Delta Squadron recruiter and offered a chance to join up.


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