The Island

The island is a rectangular structure, about half a mile on each side, built on top of the hulls of two superlarge barges. The original structure was a very large oilrig repair platform that got caught in the crossfire between Angolan rebels and government forces. The burned hulk was turned over to the League as part of their payment, and engineers built the flat deck on top.

Between the two pontoons that hold the ballast, fuel and engines are three decks of storage, hanger space and magazines. The magazines are all on the lowest deck, which is actually below the waterline, and each magazine can be ditched individually.

The massive diesels can propel the barge to a top speed of three and a half knots, while powerful jets can hold it steady for flight operations.

The main runway is about 4000 feet long, which is too short for most non-naval craft. This would make the total surface area of the Island about a half-mile square, which actually isn’t that big. Only about fifteen hundred people live on the Island, however, and they mostly live in the five-storey aboveground towers in opposing corners. One, in the usually-northwest corner, is Seattle, the other is Atlanta. Seattle is mostly accomodation and recreation gear, and Atlanta is mostly working space, training grounds and the firing range. It is possible to cross from one to the other under the deck, but most people prefer to get a bit of fresh air.

The edges of the Island usually ride about ten feet out of the water, but ladders and access ramps criss-cross the side. The eastern side of the Island is marked by two long, curved extensions that create a small harbour, large enough to hold the Undying and at least four of the Zodiac Fleet.

The Island

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