The League


Reykjavik Accords
The Rules


Alpha Squadron

Motto: Red Tape Holds The League Together
The admin team. Rarely deployed in force outside the Island, Alpha Squadron has everything from typists to clerks, as well as all the auditors and accountants. Their most feared group are their crack paralegals – lawyers with parachutes.

Bravo Squadron

Motto: Get some!
Heavy weapons. Bravo Squadron controls all tube artillery, armoured vehicles and emplaced weapons. The League does not have a lot of tanks or IFVs, but those it does possess are under Bravo Squadron. Notable in having an unusually high proportion of American men as part of the Squadron. Commanded by Commander Robert Mitchell, who was brought in by the Command Council over the objections of Tom and Cass in exchange for a stack of heavy weapons for Tango Squadron. Owns four M2-Bradleys, a pair of modified M50 Ontos tank destroyers, three (marginally) legally-acquired, heavily-modified M48 Patton tanks and a single German Panzerhaubitze 2000.

Charlie Squadron

Motto: And we’re all outta bubblegum.
Tactical awareness is key, as is electronic control of the battlefield. Charlie Squadron evolved out of two fortutious events – the recruitment of a skilled computer team from Canada, and the “acquisition” of a trio of retiring E-3 Sentry aircraft from the USAF. The Sentries were refitted with powerful satellite internet links and became the League’s mobile hacking stations. From this small beginning, the might of Charlie Squadron has become the dominant online security force. No server is safe, no Anoymous IP strong enough, no ecryption system is too complex for the mathematical geniuses in the Squadron. Note that Charlie Squadron also has the highest incidence rates of insubordination, assault and suicide, as well as consuming triple the recommended amount of Doritos, Cheez-Its and Jolt Cola. Their unquestioned leader is Juliet Crowe, a sufferer from idiopathic ocular hypersensitivity.

Delta Squadron

Motto: Morituri Nolumus Mori (We who are about to die, don’t want to)
or possibly: Pretty. What do we blow up first?
or occasionally: Heghlu’meH QaQ jajvam (Today is a good day to die!)
or sometimes: T’dr’duzk b’hazg t’t! (Today is a good day for someone else to die!)
The first active-combat private military force to operate in over one hundred countries, the fabled and storied Delta Squadron is the stuff of legends. Backed up by the League’s enviable resources and free of territorial constraints, the men and women of Delta Squadron are perhaps the best covert operations team in the world. Consisting of less than seventy active members at any one time, a Delta Squadron team can cost upwards of a million dollars per day. Their extortionate fees are matched only by their phenomenal success rate. Stealthy and swift, Delta Squadron are the best of the best. Their commander is Thomas Doone, the first Delta. He is ably assisted by Cassandra Wells, an old friend. Other key members of the Squadron are Lars “Mouse” Larssen (hand-to-hand), Danielle Meadows (Arab expert) and Wi Chen (linguistics and communications).
Of particular note is the comment by a major-general of the US army, following an exercise with the Deltas prior to a joint Delta-US Army operation. He said: “I don’t know what effect they will have on the enemy, but by God they frighten me.”

Echo Squadron

Motto: Pass Me That Spanner
Engineers, technicians and mechanics all wear the stylized sigma on their League uniforms. Notable in having a relatively low proportion of their number recruited from a military background, Echo Squadron members have a number of roles within the League. They make up the majority of the Research and Development Department, as well as almost all of the motor pool team. Echo Squadron members can be found as part of most deployments, especially with Bravo Squadron, with whom they have a long-standing relationship. Chief amongst this egalitarian group is Hermann Schultz, an engineer of enviable reputation.

Foxtrot Squadron

Motto: Follow the Flow
The newest Squadron, Foxtrot Squadron have never yet been used in a direct combat role, although they have been deployed in support of Delta Squadron operations. They are an urban-dedicated light combat team, specialising in unarmed or hand-to-hand combat techniquies and high-agility movement skills. Effectively, they are trained freerunning warriors, usually deployed to transfer delicate equipment or highly-sensitive information in dense urban environments. Their most important deployment to date was with the Deltas as part of Operation Noodle Stew. Ably led by ex-yazuka Watanabe Kenta, the Foxtrots have shown their skill, even though their lack of military discipline has rankled some of the older units.

Quebec Squadron

Motto: No Habla Ingles
Given the name initially as a joke, Quebec Squadron was originally part of Alpha Squadron. It now comprises all the signal-intelligence and translating services of the League, and is considered the most secure group. Intelligence flows only into Quebec Squadron, and its members are famously protective of their reputation as unquestionably secure. Wi Chen, while technically still a Delta, is the Leader of Quebec Squadron.

Romeo Squadron

Motto: “Yea, though I fly through the valley of death, I shall fear no evil, for I already have a weapons lock.”
In exchange for helping to fend off an an Iranian-backed coup, the Kuwaiti Air Force gave the League six older-model F-18 Hornets. The planes were slipped out of the country late at night, and landed at the newly-completed Island two days later. Repainted in League blue-and-yellow, they were classified as Romeo Squadron and put under the command of Jenny Everywhere.

Tango Squadron

Motto: Three Laws-Free
Sierra’s helicopter was a one-of-a-kind design. She sold her design to Boeing’s Phantom Works division for an unspecified fortune and the first eleven units off the production line. These units, crewed by the best chopper pilots she could find, make up the devastatingly effective Tango Squadron. Not strictly speaking part of the League ever since Sierra resigned during the San Diego Incident, Tango Squadron have nevertheless worked exclusively for the League since the Incident was resolved. The helicopters are usually hangered aboard the Island, although there is a duplicate facility kept in readiness at an undisclosed location somewhere in the Rocky Mountains. Sierra is the leader of the group, although she has trained a number of her pilots to the point that she rarely leads them in battle.

X-Ray Squadron

Motto: Some Of Us Work For A Living
Created purely to satisfy the OCD of the administrators of Alpha Squadron, X-Ray is a division of Fleet control that consists of all the non-combatant ocean-going vessels – Sea Eagle and Sea Hawk, the two cargo ships, and Panopticon, the League’s ocean-based intelligence trawler.

Yankee Squadron

Motto: Bigger. Stronger. Better.
A mostly-administrative distinction and never used by the people is comprises, Yankee Squadron consists of the crew and support staff of the League flagship Undying. When the rebel group MAJJI used an experimental bioweapon to kill the crew of the Chilean warship Admiralte Cochrane, it was a League ship, the MV Sea Eagle, that found it in the middle of the South Pacific and claimed salvage rights. The Chilean government protested fiercely, even sending other warships out to reclaim the Type-23 frigate. However, League officers were able to persuade the Chileans that the unending gratitude of the League and their support in exterminating MAJJI might not be a bad recompense for a legally-claimed warship. It is notable that from that day Chile has won every military exercise in which she has participated, and that nothing has been heard from MAJJI since.

Zulu Squadron

Motto: Si vis pacem, para bellum (If you desire peace, prepare for war)
Following the success of the Undying in a variety of operations, it was proposed that the League expand its ocean-going forces. Lacking capital to commision fast-attack boat or destroyers of its own, the League started offering a new contract to nation-state employers – in exchange for a remittance of League fees, they could be rewarded with a seaworthy combat vessel of between 300 – 5,000 tons displacement, regardless of age or current status. With the chance to save themselves millions in League fees and the cost of decommisioning and scrapping obselete vessels, this deal managed to score the League, within three years, the dozen corvettes and fast-attack craft they wanted. The contract offer was then suspended. It is known, however, that the League will consider used vessels in lieu of cash, and Australia in particular usually pays their bills with due-for-decommissioning vessels.
As part of Zulu Squadron is the Island Defence Force, the Squadron is considered to include the troops who monitor and control the Island’s local radar net and defensive systems. This group, called the Goalkeepers, run on a simple philosophy: “In God We Trust: All Others, We Track.” The officers, men and support teams of these dozen vessels, each named after a star sign, make up Zulu or Zodiac Squadron. These light, fast attack craft are usually heavily modified, and extremely dangerous.

The League

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